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Thanks Paul - I've sent you some pictures of the sails and spars - the mast is in need of some repair work, as you will see from the pics.
I thought so. Page 2 of the rig section, in the second crom bottom thread. There are pictures and dimensions. Cheers.
I have sent a pm with my email,  but some of tne feedback from other members is useful. I am pretty sure there is a picture of the topsail yard somewhere on the forum, and if not someone will provide one.
Hi. Thanks for all this information, which is really useful.
I'm quite keen to return the rig to it's original format, so will need to get hold of a new spar, or get one made up. I will try to take some pictures of the sails and spars etc and also do some measurements for you.
 - should we use this site - or might it be better to communicate via email directly? - I'm happy to use whichever you feel more useful and appropriate.
Thanks David. I only remembered that after posting. Unfortunately I do not have the original topsail yard. I imagine it is easy enough to make one. Is it a simple yard with a hole in each end or does it have any other features?

Having only used the current arrangement, I cannot be certain, but lacing it to the gaff rather than its own yard results in  flying it back to front, and although it appears symmetrical and flat, affects the way it draws.

I agree that that the original looks better as well. It would be good for it to go to someone who will use it.
The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
« Last post by Paul Thomas on February 13, 2019, 07:48:07 PM »
Many thanks David and Dave. I must be getting my Winkle Brigs in a twist. I was fooled by an erroneous description in a for sale ad. It seems the high peak rig was mainly fitted to the later boats from the evidence.
The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
« Last post by David Bone on February 13, 2019, 07:29:26 PM »
I agree with David.
Examples of high peaked gaff shown in the gallery are: WB106/96/95/91.
The Rig / Re: Wanted : Shroud chainplates
« Last post by David Bone on February 13, 2019, 07:27:19 PM »
Hello again Paul,
As your rigger says, 7mm, 1/19 wire is probably too stiff to go round a standard thimble.
Suggest you consider a swaged fixed eye end fitting, to which you can attach a bow shackle. I now have one on the bobstay lower fitting.  (See  wire rigging fittings/wire terminals for examples.)

Yes the picture shows 5mm stainless shrouds with talurit splices and standard thimbles.
The Rig / Re: Gunter Rig
« Last post by dave_cawston on February 13, 2019, 06:26:53 PM »
Hi Paul, WB61 and WB112 look to me to be standard main (+topsail).  WB112 looks like it has the metal spars.  I am not aware of a third rig arrangement, I have only ever seen the standard main + topsail and the high peaked gaff.
Hi Paul & Tim, bear in mind that the topsail arrangement on Partan is not the standard original set-up.  With the standard original arrangement you haul the topsail yard, with topsail attached to it, up to the top of the mast, whereas Partan has the topsail attached to the gaff and the topsail yard is  fixed to the top of the mast (if that makes sense).  Markie and Partan spent a lot of time sailing together and although I am of course biased, I am convinced the original set up sails better, looks better but is more difficult to set. 
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