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Norfolk Broads

Started by Old Forum, April 10, 2014, 09:02:57 AM

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We are hoping that we will be able to visit the broads next year, possibly over the first May bank holiday.  We would again use Swallowtail Boatyard for launching etc., plenty of space to rig, so easy to launch, long straight run down the slipway and secure parking.  Colin who owns the yard might allow overnighting in the van or on board ashore or there is a touring caravan park opposite the boatyard.  For overnighting on the water, Hunters Yard is next door but not on a Friday when the fleet is in.



Yes, I shall definitely be going back to the Broads in 2018, probably for two separate weeks (it's a long haul from the West Midlands so I'm thinking of leaving Rogue over there in-between visits).

A visit to Swallowtail Boatyard (as recommended by Dave Cawston) could be part of one of those weeks - it's just around the corner and would allow a trip along the River Bure without the hassle of shooting (and hopefully, missing) Potter Heigham bridge. A few days on Horsey and Hickling Broads and a few on the Bure would make for a very pleasant outing, I'm sure.

I'd be very happy to spend some time cruising in company. We could get in touch in the Spring.

As I say, the guys at Whispering Reeds are very laid back but it would obviously be best to speak with them about over-nighting in the car park.



We have just become the proud owners of 'Cockle' Winkle Brig 106 and have moored her on the river Bure for the season, It would be nice to meet up with other WB's on broads to find out if were doing everything correctly, new to gaff rig as just coming from dinghy sailing!

Graham and Melanie


Hi everyone,

Markie will be visiting the Broads in 2 weeks time launching on Monday 7th May at Swallowtail boatyard, Womack Water, Ludham and probably making our way up the Ant before returning to Hickling and Horsey later in the week.

Where abouts on the Bure are you Graham & Melanie?



A week on the Norfolk Broads and did not have to get out the waterproofs once.
Cockle and Markie meet up.


Hi David

Sorry for the long delay getting back to you, great to meet up for lunch at South Walsham, good fun, Josie really enjoyed herself and I will post pictures of 'Markie' and aggressive birds later!

Pat Arnold

Hi All,
Rather a late post to this subject but I bought "Winkle" from Martin Cartwright in August 2018 and it would be great to meet up on the Norfolk Broads sometime in 2019 with anyone who wishes to.
Pat Arnold.

Yvonne Mitchell

Hi, I have just bought Philomena WB54 and would love to meet up with other WB owners on the Broards.  Do you have any dates in mind yet.

Paul Thomas

Hello everyone. I have been quiet on the forum for a while, but I am still here and still have Partan. We have not used her much recently due to illness, but I am on the mend now, so I am hoping to get her wet again this year. Would be interested in meeting other owners and their cruising grounds.
We have taken her to the Broads many times, using Swallowtail yard facilities, which I find friendly and central to the Northern Broads. My wife does not come with me any more, so my daughter has stepped in and on our most recent trip we made a point of mud weighting on several Broads overnight. We used Salhouse Broad, although on the second occasion moved off because a large noisy mb parked too close for comfort. Black Horse Broad was nice and is signed as 'no mooring' so the mbs don't bother you. Barton Broad is quiet in the evening and more sheltered than Hickling or Horsey. Hickling is becoming silted, but is still OK for a WB in most places. I have yet to explore Catfield dyke for overnight opportunities, mainly because there is no pub there. If you go to Horsey Mere, I recommend the Waxham New Cut. If you are motoring it may be a bit weedy, but it opens out a bit when you get past Bograve Mill. The other popular places are described elsewhere on here. Hunters Yard is a good place to stop and has good showers. They will tell you about all the Arthur Ransome stuff they have in the shed from when they made the tv series. It is worth having nav lights so you can use the river in the evening when you will have it all to yourself.
There is a good shop in Ludham opposite the pub, and a garage if you need petrol. Much nearer to the water is Latham's shop at Potter Heigham which you can reach by mooring between the two bridges. You could overnight here and there are several dining options, but the best pub is the Falgate Inn about  half a mile up the road. I would be quite interested to explore the Southern Waters if anyone can suggest a suitable launch point with parking. I am told the southern rivers are better for sailing.

Pat Arnold

Hello Yvonne and Paul,
It would be great to meet up on the Broads.  Not sure when anyone is thinking of. Maybe suggest 2 or 3 dates and we can see if diaries fit.

Paul Thomas

Hi Pat, I don't have any actual dates in mind. Probably some time in early August if I go this year.

Pat Arnold

Hi Paul,  Sorry for un-speedy response.  Let me know if you do want to meet in August (or whenever).
Pat Arnold.