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Started by TimB, April 12, 2019, 10:05:00 PM

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I am getting slowly sorted, still have lots to do on wb98. So far have focussed on hull and interior, some electronics and battery installation and trailer refurb so it works! Due to family bereavement my efforts to change rig to topsail version has stalled...but hope to get back on to it soon.
I have been wondering if wb's have a recognised handicap at all, and under what system? - I have been asked if I am racing at my club and was wondering what peoples experiences had been? I'm aware that my wb is no greyhound -  & fairly sure that I'd spend a lot of time watching other boats head off over the horizon!  ;) ;D


Hi Tim.

I'd be interested to know what club you're at that's encouraging WB's to join the racing.... maybe I could get in a visit.

I used to race my dogeared GP14 against more whizzy boats under PY club racing (and even win sometimes !) But win or not I always told them I got the best deal as, while they were sitting in the clubhouse waiting for me to finish, I was getting more sailing in than them.

Sadly I can't help you with anything official about WB handicap. Best I could think of to improve  mine would be to find a quicker boiling kettle. :D