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Started by John Burton, October 16, 2021, 09:32:21 PM

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John Burton

This evening I checked YouTube to see if there were any new videos about Winkle Brigs. To my surprise our WB 93 is the star of a 1993 video about how to rig a WB, posted about a year ago by John Bergqvist. At least the sail number is 93 and the video was made in 1993 which is the year I understand ours was built so I presume it is our boat. Strangely though the hull is white above the waterline with what seems to be green on the lower part, which was the colour scheme present when we purchased 93 a few years ago. It also has white sails as ours does and a high peak gaff. However there are photos on the gallery showing our boat some years ago looking rather forlorn with a green hull above the waterline but with definite features that identify it as ours. It seems strange that when new it had a green hull over painted white which was later taken back to green. An alternative explanation might be that the filmed boat was not 93 but was using sails with 93 on them, I see 95 is a white hull so was this the boat that was filmed? An interesting video anyway showing almost certainly Eric Bergqvist rigging a WB.

Gerard Brown

We've got number 18, Sea Jade. We'd like to know when she was built. We were told that she dates from 1993 but, given this info' it seems unlikely. Is there a register / timeline anywhere?

John Burton

There are a few dates in the owners section, but none around 18. Apparently production started in 1983.
I enjoyed watching the videos you have made in Sea Jade, did you see WB 93 and 107 when you were on Coniston?

David Bone

I am sure David Cawston, WB#15 will be able to provide date of build for WB#18.

Gerard Brown

Yes, we saw both WB's on their moorings. Very impressed with the standard of finish.

Glad you enjoy our videos and yes, I'll do some digging around the dates.