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Started by Clint, May 05, 2014, 10:09:28 PM

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I have just started removing the bulwarks (starboard side off) and want to repaint them, but can't quite figure out what kind of wood they are made of, it looks like teak. ( They could be mahogany, but they both look the same to me.)
What is the best way to seal teak, being that is naturally oily, I have heard that aluminium primer should be used as water-based will let the oils will bleed through.
I would like to replace them completely with new marine ply, but I can't seem to find anything that is nearly 10 foot long.
Are there any photo's/diagrams of the fuel pipe spacer mod for the porthole spacing, I really don't fancy putting a tube of sikaflex on each porthole.



If they are teak, then I wouldn't try to paint them! usually the best way is just to rub down the wood until it is clean, then either just leave it to naturally oil itself, or perhaps rub in something like Deks Olje, just to show the natural beauty of the wood. Then it will look after itself for years to come and still look good.


I would like to leave them natural again, they are painted at the moment, but they are not in fantastic condition anyway, as some parts are cracked or damaged.


I have just finished getting all the muck and dirt of the SB bulwarks, and they actually look quite good, so we have decided to leave them natural.


Yes that sounds a lot les work than removing them and putting on about 8 coats of marine varnish. They do look good though but after two seasons they are going to need quite a lot of work again.

Gwilym. Owner of Constance 31


I know this is a bit late in the day but thought I would contribute incase it is useful to someone.

Years ago when we bought our first small yacht she was in a bit of a mess. Her teak rubbing strake had been varnished and was badly peeling. We scraped back to bare wood then used Burgess Marine Wood Sealer., a simple application with a paint brush This looked good and lasted a couple of years then after a quick rub down with fine sandpaper another coat or two was applied. This product is still available and assuming it is the same formula is a product to be recommended


Is Burgess Marine Wood Sealer anything like Danish oil which is v easy to apply and refresh ... produces semi gloss finish ?
Any pics of Burgess Marine Wood Sealer results?


Image copied form www. .attached below Hope this helps. Sorry but I have been unable to find any images from our boat but they were all taken some time ago.