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Pat Arnold (ex Martin Cartwright)
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Some notes that Martin Cartwright wrote about his boat, originally for Roger Parish's website  March 27, 2007

I am the owner of Winkle Brig 62 and have had enormous fun modifying and sailing 'Winkle' here on the East Coast. (Rivers Blyth (Southwold 'home port'), Alde, Ore, Deben, Orwell and Stour). Over the 6 years I have owned her, I have 'beefed her up' considerably for North Sea sailing including:

Rebuilding tabernacle. Still teak but heavier and reinforced with stainless angles internally (invisible!).

Second set of shrouds and staysail.

Mast/cabin roof support (internally).

Oak transom beam to support a new Mizzen mast. (Drascombe Dabber design).

Rowlocks and oars.(Workable in a crisis- albeit too far aft to be that efficient).

Teak hatch cover (on brass runners).

Bronze boom jaws (Classic Marine Woodbridge). Wooden ones torn out of boom. When I have saved up, I plan to replace the wooden gaff jaws as well as these are a bit wobbly.

Bronze navigation lights and primitive electrics.

I have upgraded the trailer and have an engine removal routine (when at sea or with plenty of space- River Orwell) and fit a removable watertight plate over the well.

My engine is a Tohatsu 6hp four stroke- a bit heavy, but necessary for East Coast tides. The Sail prop. charges small motorbike type sealed battery in aft locker.

I use a home made 'breakback' conversion method for launching (telescopic scaffold poles connected to secondary hitch and axle, allowing Roller Coaster to unhitch and rise up).

I also changed the rather over-fussy system for raising the topsail and now raise and lower it with the mainsail leaving it connected to the gaff, but with its own halyard so it can be lowered independently in a hurry.

I have made one stern locker self draining for fuel and gas. The other one I have simply separated from the bilges with foam.

This year I have bought a new gaff style mizzen sail, better looking than the Dabber one I have been using for years; but pure indulgence as I know she won't sail any better with it!

I can thoroughly recommend the Mizzen and staysail addition, as not only does the staysail give considerably more power, but the one balances the other and I frequently sail with mizzen and jib alone when the wind is fluky or I am feeling lazy.