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kind of wood

Started by Jos Rijnvos, September 22, 2023, 08:16:55 PM

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Jos Rijnvos


Does anyone have information of what kind of wood was used on the WB.
A positive answere would ease my search for the wright replacement

thanks in advance




my WB 120 at that time had softwood (maybe Spruce) as end pieces on aluminum spars and mast, marine plywood behind GRP as bulwark and waterproof glued plywood on rudders and centerboards.

I built the bulwark, gaff and boom from oak during the refit, the mast from Canadian Spruce and the centerboards from marine grade aluminum.
I sanded the wooden rudder blade and sealed it with several cages of epoxy resin. I covered the benches in the cockpit with oak.

Hope this helps.

Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!

David Bone

Gerold's description of the materials used on his W/B typify the variety used, which seemed to vary throughout the period of manufacture, possibly representing what was readily available at the time.
W/B 107 came with Douglas Fir mast, boom, yard, topmast and bowsprit, Iroko bulwarks, tiller, companionway boards and aft cockpit lids with ply tops.
Plywood drop boards with weighted steel shoes and a plywood rudder.
I have changed to a hollow Douglas Fir mast, aluminium topmast and spruce yard.
New plywood drop boards have been fitted with stainless steel shoes and encapsulated lead inserts, increasing their weight from approx. 11 to 26 kg each. (I understand early models had steel encapsulated drop boards. weighing around 27 kg each.)
A replacement plywood rudder has been fitted with a small stainless steel drop plate and the cockpit side benches which were covered with teak faced ply, replaced with Tek-Dek, simulated teak.

Jos Rijnvos

Many thanks for the reactions, probable is Iroko the kind of wood I am looking for restoration

greetings Jos