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Looking for a Brig

Started by Bubblehead, April 09, 2023, 09:44:52 AM

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Hi and thanks for accepting me to the forum. I have just sold my last boat a character boat post boat which is similar in some ways to the WB. I am looking for something similar that I can do weekends or longer on that still has the same style and love the idea of a WB. I am based on the west coast of Scotland but will be down in Southampton next week and was hoping someone would show me around one or maybe even take me out for a quick sail. As I will be driving the length of the country I could also stop off anywhere in between. Many thanks Kev

David Bone

Hello Kev,
I own WB107, which though it spends 6 months of the year at a mooring on Coniston, is presently in a barn at my house near Ulverston, South Cumbria, 40 mins drive from J36 of the M6.

I am more than happy to show you over the boat and answer any queries you may have regarding this very good craft.
Tel: 01229 585368

David Bone


Thanks very much David.

I learnt to sail on Coniston many years ago 🙂. I will call you and arrange a visit at your convenience. Thanks again much appreciated.

John Burton

Hi Kev,
You will have a fascinating time with David who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Winkle Brigs and owns a particularly fine example. I have no doubt that he will cover all the relevant topics, but it is worth mentioning a couple of points.
Firstly the WB is an ideal size for trailering and with a suitable swing cradle trailer can be launched and retrieved easily. Any heavier and you need hefty towing vehicles and everything is that much more difficult. Secondly the cabin space is large for the size of boat, the twin drop plates meaning there is no central intrusion . The later boats with an extra 2 inch of headroom makes it more comfortable for tall people. Also the well for the outboard is a good arrangement, it is out of sight and not vulnerable. An electric outboard adds silence, ease of use and a fume free cockpit.
There are numerous other features that make the WB so endearing and I am sure David will tell you all about them. If you do decide to buy one I am sure you will be delighted. Good luck.


Thanks John,

I really think that a WB is destined to be my next boat and I can't wait to see David's boat in the flesh and confirm what my heart is already saying. Appreciate the help and advice.

Gerard Brown

We love ours. Sea Jade no.18
As above, loads of space and really easy to handle. Take a look at the video section of the WB website, there is some enlightening material there.


Well that was great, wasted a whole afternoon looking at WB videos on YouTube. Gerard the "Sea Jade" videos are inspiring and enjoyable, think I have watched them all now. Can't wait to see one in the flesh, hopefully next week 🙂

Pat Arnold

Hello Kev,
In case you did not buy David Bone's No.107 and are still looking for a Winkle Brig, I am about to put No.62 "Brigand" (ex"Winkle") on the market.  I can email details.
Patrick Arnold.


Hi there Pat, yes I am still looking in earnest

David Bone

Hello again Kev,

Though WB#107 is not for sale, you are welcome to come and look over the boat and discuss its attributes as a prelude to viewing a 'for sale' craft.


Pat Arnold

Hi "Bubblehead", if you wish call me on 07900216266 or email regarding my Winkle Brig which is for sale.  Patrick.


Hi - in case you're still looking, I have an old WB which needs some work, hence very cheap! Comes with a trailer and is almost original in every way.

David Bone

Well then Kev,

You have an unrivalled choice of two Winkle Brigs of quite differing specifications.

WB 62, Pat Arnold's boat was well developed by Martin Cartwright, is very well equipped, offers different sailing options and has an upgraded, first class roller-coater trailer.

WB 7, Rick Ladds' is an early boat, unmodified and requiring some work, offered at an attractive price.

Winkle Brigs are very robustly constructed of good design, so age or cosmetic condition should not over influence your choice. All wear parts are easily refurbished, repaired or replaced.

David Cawston's WB 15, owned from new has been well used throughout and Gerard Brown's WB 18, is a prime example of an early boat well restored.

Take the plunge, I am sure you won't be disappointed.