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Eric Bergqvist 1946 - 2021

Started by John Bergqvist, March 04, 2023, 04:29:28 PM

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John Bergqvist

Hello all.

With a heavy heart, I'm sharing the news that my Dad Eric sadly passed away in February of 2021.

It seems that the word might not have gotten around the boating community very much, so I'm taking the opportunity to put this right.

He was immensely proud of the Winkle Brig and the interest that has been retained in it from all of you over all these years.

Barend Nieuwendijk

Dear John,

Thank you for your message. Condolences on the passing of your father. It is very sad that he is gone. He was rightly proud of his Winkle Brig. We still enjoy it every year. With that pleasure we will continue to remember and honor your father.
Thanks again for informing us.

With kind regards

Jos Rijnvos

my sincere condolences

Jos Rijnvos


Hello John,

Thank you for sharing with us all the sad news of the loss of your Dad.

I only met Eric once, but I can still recall his enthusiasm & keen sense of humour. I can only echo Barend's comments by saying that we will all think of him whilst sailing & working on our WB's. He designed and built a boat which always seems to make people smile.

Thank you,also, for providing your own Winkle Brig website, which I have really enjoyed - and further enhancing your Dad's memory.

All the best