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Outrigger arms trailer capacity

Started by Jilly, February 15, 2023, 09:37:12 AM

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Hi. Now treading what seems a well worn route we are puzzling about trailer capacities. The Roller Coaster 3 which came with Kairos has a 1300kg axel but a 1100 trailer spec plate. It can take 775kg weight so not much wiggle room for a WB for trailing to new launch sites.

It seems that several members have upgraded their Axel's to 1300kg however when we asked Indespension about getting the trailer plate changed to reflect the axel already on the trailer we were told that due to the outrigger arms being weak they can not come with more than 1100kg hence the trailer restricted plate.Insidentally all of the roller coaster 3 models come with the 1300kg axel as standard so rather misleading for us initially.

Has anyone come across this problem and have they found a way to get around it? When we asked about upgrading the outrigger trailer section we were told it's not cost effective to do so.

What also seems confusing from previous posts are the allowed weight capacities calculations. Any clarity around this much appreciated.

Thanks. Jilly.