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Trailing with a motor on the transom.

Started by Gerard Brown, August 19, 2022, 08:59:30 AM

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Gerard Brown

Does anyone trail their WB with an outboard mounted on the transom?
Is the boat strong enough to support 25kg whilst on the road?

David Bone

Hello Gerard,

Until purchasing a Torqeedo electric outboard, I always towed W/B 107, with a Mariner 4 (Weight 25kg) mounted on the transom and never experienced any indication of structural compromise.
Just come off Coniston Water after an exhilarating sail up and down the lake with a really good, fresh SSW'ly breeze, hope to see you on your next visit.

Gerard Brown

Thanks David

We?ve got the Epropulsion electric motor which we love but, after two weeks on the West Coast of Scotland we?re thinking of buying a petrol motor as well - to give us the extra range which is built into a can of fuel.
Past experience with engines though hasn?t been good and we?re not keen on travelling with it in the car or want to,lie it down in the cockpit.
We always seemed to be wiping up drips and spills!

John Burton

Before getting our Torqeedo we used to tow with a 4HP Tohatsu mounted on the boat with no problems. It saved having a smelly heavy engine in the van and once in place it stayed there for the season. I like your latest YouTube video!

Gerard Brown


We?re slowly coming round to giving it a go mounted in the well.

Glad you like the video, the Epropulsion is great in terms of power - and we have two batteries - but we want some more range ??
We know what you mean about smelly / dirty lumps in the van.