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Topsail dimensions

Started by Jilly, July 19, 2022, 10:35:38 PM

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Hi. Looking to set up a topsail for Kairos. Can not find dimensions on the forum. Can anyone help please?

Thank you. Jilly.


Hi Jilly,

Hope this link takes you to a useful part of the forum.

Try using the 'Search' function for 'topsail', a lot of old posts pop up.

David C


Hi David. This is great info. Thank you for replying. Having a ball getting to know the WB. Planning an exstended Summer trip, Bucklers Hard in the Solent to Brixhan rtn. Should be a big learning curve. Best wishes, Jill.


Bucklers Hard - great sailing around the Solent, Brixham - great sailing around Torbay.  But in between, rounding Portland Bill with the overfalls, no thank you.  We looked at doing it but decided it was a lot easier and safer trailering between the two areas.  Good slipways available at both ends.