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2:1 jib sheet
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:01:35 PM »
When sailing in a fresh breeze sufficient to reef the mainsail, my wife can find it difficult to sheet in the jib adequately. As an experiment I decided to rig up a 2:1 jib sheet arrangement and it certainly seems to work well. Two blocks, one for each side, are attached to the jib clew by a snapshackle. One end of each jib sheet is tied off to a redundant fairlead, led up to and through the block on the jib and returned to the cockpit as normal, in much the same arrangement seen in some racing dinghies. The double block on the jib clew passes across our second forestay easily enough when tacking, the only downside is in light winds the windward sheet might need active easing because of the increased drag. Although experimental initially, it works very well and I think we will keep this set up.