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Rear Lockers

Started by John Middleton, April 10, 2022, 04:56:16 PM

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John Middleton

Hi.  Has anyone any ideas as to how best to secure the rear lockers. My boat will be on a drying mooring in a rather accessible to the general public harbour.  Thanks. John. WB87.

David Bone

Hello John,
The rear locker lids on WB107 are secured by a length of 10mm stainless steel rod passing forward to aft through holes drilled in the lid ends and in the locker coaming. A stop washer is welded at one end and a hole drilled in the other to take a small padlock. On the underside of the lid a length of pipe is fastened to guide the rod. (Instead of pipe a couple of fairleads would probably do.

John Middleton

Hi Dave.  Thank you for the info.  John.