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Started by VROUW KIRSTEN, March 18, 2022, 07:43:24 AM

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Good Morning,

Just a quick reminder to all of you who are still hibernating: Spring of the 2022 season is approaching!

VROUW KIRSTEN has received a new underwater paint, bulwark, mast and boom are in work and for the sliding bulkhead new skids are used.

In June we will go again for 8 days on the Ijsselmeer, in August a meeting of historic ships with regatta is on the schedule with the Wattensail in Carolinensiel.
Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!


Some things take time, but now the time has come.  ;D

The winter work is finished and tomorrow the little one goes back on the water. The bulwark, cockpit seats, bulkhead and many other wooden parts are shining in new splendour, the port side locker has been sealed off from the rest of the interior to store the fuel tank. While the woodwork was simply done again after 7 years, the locker was overdue. Especially when travelling on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the light petrol fumes inside the boat were very annoying, especially at night.
Let's see if I can still sail...

Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!