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Lee board refurbishment

Started by Gerard Brown, January 28, 2022, 10:37:43 AM

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Gerard Brown

Amongst some other tidying up and improvements scheduled for this winter, we?re having our lee boards serviced by Jackson Composites in Leicestershire.

These are some pictures and a description of the process.

Pete extracted the pins without cutting into the moulding by going in through the V berth and then grinding away the shoulders of the lee board casing which held the pin itself

The pins were very corroded at the point where they were glassed into the hull, but not where the met the lee board itself. Maybe this was a reaction to three decades of a resin / saltwater mix.
New stainless steel pins will be fitted and should give another thirty years of service.

The hole in the lee board though was huge in relation to the pin and it will need a lot of rebuilding and reinforcing before the board is refitted. It was not however an elongated hole which you might have expected after the decades of wear and use.


Hello. How did you get in through the V berth?

Gerard Brown

The plywood base for the V berth was unscrewed which gave just about enough room to get a multitool / angle grinder type thing in to remove the shoulders of the pin supports. Then the pins were just tapped out.