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Started by cgadeney, November 10, 2022, 11:07:33 AM

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I am considering having my boat antifouled with coppercoat epoxy antifouling so that I will not have to do it again for 10 years. Apart from the initial cost of the coppercoat the other problem seems to be that all the existing coverings down to the gel coat have to be removed. Does anyone have any experience of this antifouling or know where I can get it done?

Gerard Brown

We had Sea Jade Copper coated two years ago. So far it's been great. Yes, all existing materials / covering have to be removed but we took this opportunity to fill in any scratches etc.
There seem to be plenty of yards who'll do this sort of thing on the coast, we went to Southampton, but no one inland was willing to take it on.
I think it's a tough, dirty job but if you're set up for it with a blasting bay etc - then a boat as small as a WB doesn't pose to much of a problem.

Jos Rijnvos

a dirty job indeed