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Compression post

Started by Jilly, November 02, 2021, 07:56:58 AM

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Hi. I have recently become a first time Winklebrig owner (Kairos WB 112). Surprisingly she has a compression post fitted. There is evidence of minor cracking either side of the tabernacle to the topside gelcoat on deck. Is this a common thing on the WB and is there another way to suport the hull structure to enable the removal of the post? She has a standard rig which therefore would not require extra support. Any input most welcome.

Barend Nieuwendijk

Hi Jilly,

I have on the WB 122 an removable compression post. When sailing it is in place, when asleep, it is removed.
I think a compression post is necessary because the deck is too weak to withstand the compression when sailing and too weak to hold the weight of persons walking on deck. Without compression post, and standing/walking on the deck, you can see that there is movement. And this movements leads to cracks.

David Bone

I agree, particularly when sailing in strong winds.


Hi both, thank you. Moving from a Shipmate in part to get away from internal obstructions the post is a pain. I like the sound of making it removable. Do you have any pictures of your arrangements. Thank you both again. Jilly.

Barend Nieuwendijk

Hello Jilly,

I found in my archive some pictures while making the compression post.
On the pictures you see the post and how it is fixed. On the bottem  its is fixed through the wooden floor ( and that is not on the pictures).
We use the compression post as an holder for a little table.
It works very well. And the problem of the bending cockpitroof is solved.
Greetings, Barend


Hi thats very kind of you to find the images, thank you. I will try to upload what Kairos has which is pretty wedged in and substantial. I am ideally wanting a removable option to move forwards with. Love the dual purpose post which you have designed, looks great.

Jos Rijnvos

this is my solution to support the roof
removable if desired but is designed in a way that the post can stay on its place when sleepingaccommodation
is required