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WB112 Kairos for sale

Started by Gubby_uk, October 11, 2021, 01:00:30 PM

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Hi all
I'm putting WB112 Kairos up for sale.
I bought her last last year and have used her for this season. The chap who had her before me had not used her for at least 6 years. He?d taken everything home, cleaned oiled and varnished it, then dry stored it all.  I just gave her a good clean up and dropped her in the water to give her a try. I?ve had her about 18 months now. Turns out I?m not really a fan of gaff rigs and miss my Pioneer 26.
I had the sails laundered and a UV strip put on them. They are in very good condition.
The rigging is all good, but I would like to fit a better reefing set up. I like single line but I?m loathe to spend the money if I?m going to sell her.
Hull wise she is sound with no water ingress. Despite the years in the compound when I tried the bilge pump she was dry. Better than my last boat! She would benefit from a proper polishing.
Inside she is simple and clean, with very bright cushions.
She has a Tohatsu 5hp 4 stroke engine which is about 12 years old but has not had a lot of hours and does run as sweet as a nut.
She is on a trailer which is in pretty good shape, but it could do with a service. I've only used it in the yard. I?m going to give the brakes a clean-up and grease the bearings.
I was going to spend the time on her but it?s not for me. I?m looking for something bigger again.
I?d be happy with somewhere around ?4,250 or sensible offer. I?d like to get most of my money back, but would like her to go to someone who would enjoy her.
Please give me a shout and I will email you some pictures.


Can you give me a little more info please; where is the boat and do you have any pictures? You can reply to


She's sold now, thank you all.