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Topside Bulwark supports

Started by skava, September 27, 2021, 04:00:52 PM

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Just looking for  some guidance - recently aquired,  for the second time , a winkle brigg so reasonable familiar with the boat in general.
The boat has some significant cracks in one or two of the topside mouldings which support the bulwarks. Could anyone clarify what's actually inside these raised section of the moulding. They seem quite solid I suspect some sort of timber infill to the moulding. The two most significant cracks are on the bow and port stern supports. Looks as though they have been overstressed by the timber bulwark or the one side of the boat has bee impacted at the level of the bulwark.
Any help welcomed

John Burton

I know the stern ones on mine are hollow, they have eye bolts through the top and the nut can be accessed from underneath. The two screws either side fastening the bulwarks onto the moulding were loose and I glassed in some wood for better purchase. Other screws further forward have sometimes been loose and I have had to insert small matchstick sized wood covered in epoxy to give something fir the screws to bite on. I got the impression that these mouldings probably had wood inside but the screws had just worked loose over time. I am sure someone will be able to give a more definite answer, it is such an informative forum. Hope you enjoy your second WB.


Thanks John
I agree I think with the exception of the stern supports most of them probably would have had timber inserts. I think I will explore a bit more and look at gettign some epoxy inside to add some additional strength particularily in the bow section. I am enjoying have a brigg again and looking forward to getting her somewhere near original condition. I was delighted to see the one I bought way back in the 80's/ 90's Sail No 37 is still around and looking good.
All the best