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Started by Gubby_uk, September 22, 2020, 08:30:49 AM

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Hi all.
I've just bought Kairos, WB112, and I'm well chuffed. She needs a lot of love having been sat in a compound for a few years. My first question, and I'm sorry if it's been asked before, but what do you treat your rubbing strips, grab handles etc with? Varnish, oil, coca cola? The wood is sound, just covered in filling varnish which I am rubbing back.
Stand by for more questions 😃
Thank you

John Burton

Congratulations, you will love your WB! David Bone introduced me to International Woodskin, a type of oil/varnish hybrid. It doesn't flake off like old varnish, is very durable and gives a bit with wood movement. I have been very impressed with it and it is easy to touch up.
Enjoy working on your boat, it's almost as good as sailing it!


Thank you. Woodskin looks ideal. I'm not interested in sparkling shiny, just clean and protected. I'll order some up and give it a go.

David Bone

As John says, 'Woodskin' is durable, forgiving and easily maintained.

10 years ago, I stripped down all the woodwork, bulwarks, mast and spars included, then coated with 4 coats of Sikkens Cetol Marine, the previous name for International Woodskin.
Since then, the boat has been on a mooring, exposed to the weather for at least 6 months each year but it has not been necessary to strip the wood back again.
In general, a light sanding and touchup where required, has kept all looking fine.
The only item varnished is the tiller and the sole reason for doing that is to congratulate myself there is nothing else to do.
You will not be disappointed, enjoy.