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Year built?

Started by Pat Arnold, May 25, 2021, 04:41:46 PM

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Pat Arnold

Hi, I am trying to establish when "Winkle" No.62 was built.  Does anyone have clues or, indeed, know the answer?
Pat Arnold


Hi Pat,
WB62 was ordered in January 1992 and completed in March 1992.  It was supplied as a 'Kit Cruiser' to a Mr C Reid.

Jos Rijnvos

coincidence or not. This evening I stumbled on a small fragment on youtube about the WB62

Pat Arnold

Many thanks, Dave, excellent info.  Mr Reid must have been a fast worker!

Also many thanks, Jos, for the video which is of Martin Cartwright's daring doings.


Who knows how long it took Mr Reid to complete the 'kit'.  March 1992 was the date when Eric completed the order to supply the kit boat. I used to manufacture kit cars (not toys but full size cars) and some of those kits took years for the owners to complete, or at least get them in a state to hit the road. Some were never totally completed, there were always jobs that were on the 'to do' list.

Pat Arnold

Ah yes, the order was completed not the build!
Do you still have your WB on the Broads?
It would be good to meet up sometime.
Pat Arnold


Markie spends almost all of her time 'parked up' in our garden in Northumberland, but if Covid and time allow, we are hopeful we might come down to the northern Broads in September.

Gerard Brown

Just wondered you had any info' regarding WB18, Sea Jade. We were told she was built in either 1983 or 1993, what do you think?

Here's hoping.

David Bone

Hello Gerard,

Looking back through the forum.
Miscellaneous, Winklebrig Queries, Reply #4, David Cawston, Sept.10, 2016.
Indicates his boat WB#15, owned from new was built in 1987.


Hi Gerard
WB18 Sea Jade was built in 1988 and was bought by Mr P Dixon from Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

Gerard Brown

Thanks Dave.

That?s really kind of you.

Where do you get this information from?

WB facts seem hard to come by.

Best wishes



Hi Gerard,
In the latter part of the last century, I set up The Winkle Brig Register as a section within The Trail Sail Association.  Eric very kindly sent me details of all his sales up to WB108 so I could contact every owner to encourage them to join the TSA. At one point we had about 30 WBs in the TSA with a handful turning up to the TSA spring and autumn cruises.  A fleet of sailing WBs is a lovely sight.


Hi Dave,
Would you have any info on no.43?


Hi Eoghan,
WB43 is showing up as a dayboat built in 1990 for a customer living in Burton-by-Tarporley, Cheshire.


That's great info. Do you know was there many dayboats built?