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Gaff and boom dimensions

Started by MarkD, May 09, 2021, 09:17:50 PM

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I have recently rescued a Winkle Brigg of unknown date or number from a boatyard. Unfortunately she does not have her gaff, boom or topsail yard with her and so I need to make up some new ones. Would any of you kindly, knowledgeable people know the standard dimensions as I can't find them anywhere

David Bone

Hello Mark,
Dimensions taken from WB #107

Low Peaked Gaff Rig, as supplied:
Boom:      3,365mm + Jaws, 44mm wide, 50mm ht. at ends, 62mm in middle. Douglas Fir.
Yard:        2,615mm + Jaws, 44mm square section, Douglas Fir.
Topmast:  2,590mm, 30mm square section at ends, 44mm square section in middle. Douglas Fir.
               n.b. I replaced this with 2,140mm x 45mm O.D. Aluminium tube.
                     In both cases I bolted the topmast to the forward port shoulder of the mast. When using the topsail, secured
                     the tack and clew to the yard and raised it using a peak halyard.

High Peaked Gaff Rig, as used of late:
Boom:      3,710mm + Jaws, 44 x 50mm at ends, 44 x 62mm in middle. Douglas Fir.
Yard:        3,325mm + Jaws, 44mm square section. Spruce.
                Can be about 100mm less but added length reaches the gallows. (Discovered after the event.)

Hope this is of use, anything else, please ask.



Hi David, that is perfect and very timely - thank you and best wishes, Mark