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Bobstay eye

Started by RollyDrifter, September 07, 2019, 10:08:11 PM

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My WB bobstay eye is a single "eye-bolt" type , rather than a U-bolt type that I have also seen .
It turns , rotates, did seem to tighten to a stop , now seems to not ...

Overall, seems lightweight an therefore concerning.

Seems to be below the level of the inner moulding and not visible from inside, which isn't ideal... I guess, to replace with something stronger means cutting through the inner moulding .... which sounds messy and full of risk...

Ideas, thoughts and experiences welcome .



Hi Rolly.

As the eye-bolt is extremely critical when launching, recovering and towing I replaced mine with a larger one to be on the safe side. There is a fair amount of 'meat' in the fibreglass on the stem so I didn't think it was necessary to add a backing plate as I had done on a previous boat.

I am a bit surprised the nut is below the 'inner moulding' on your boat as it wasn't on mine, although it can't be very far below the plywood floor (which rests on foam), so it would be a relatively easy job to dig a small hole and find it. A bit messy but not risky!

Good luck!


I have, like Martin, replaced the original with a beefier version and the inside nut on Markie is also above the plywood.


Many Thanks ,
Will measure carefully and see how it looks