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Any events for winklebriggers to get together in 2020?

Started by TimB, February 07, 2020, 08:37:17 PM

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 :D Hi! I finished the refurb of 'Polly Ann' wb98 (now renamed 'Sea Pickle') at the end of may 2019. Removed woodworm and etc from mast, fitted instruments and polished and painted...Had some nice, (but slow!) sailing along the south coast over the summer. I was wondering if anyone was planning on doing any regattas or stuff in 202 where we might meet up? - UK West coast? France?
Would like to hear from anyone that has some top tips for great places , such as falmouth week or the like, that we might join up with?  Does the class host or support any rallies or events?
All the best
Tim :)


Hello Tim,

This is a nice idea, which I would like to join with my WB 120. At the moment it might be a little inconvenient as "Corona" probably doesn't allow meetings. But I think that such a meeting has to be prepared for a long time anyway.

Maybe we should plan such a meeting for 2021. In my opinion, the Ijsselmeer (Netherlands), for example, the area between Makkum, Hindeloopen and Lemmer with its inner canals and large lakes would be a particularly suitable area.

For example, in Koudum there is a spacious harbour, which allows trips on the Ijsselmeer or on De Fluezen and has a very good infrastructure. One could also organize a round trip over several days.

I am curious to see the reactions of the Winklebrig´ers!

I would like to participate in an organizing committee.

Dear greeting

Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!

Nigel webb