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Launching at Barton Turf Adventure Centre

Started by RollyDrifter, June 26, 2019, 10:07:09 AM

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Hi , wondering if anyone has experience of launching at Barton Turf Adventure Centre on the Broads.... slipway sounds tight !?!?

Am thinking to go up there this summer with the OGA , I'll give the yard a call yo chat through , but wondered if anyone has any experience.


Paul Thomas

Hi Rolly, Not sure about Barton Turf, but I always launch at Swallowtail Yard in Ludham , which has a good slip and parking. Best to email them first so they are expecting you. You can also launch at Martham Boats.

Barend Nieuwendijk

Three years ago we went with our boats from the Netherlands to the Norfolk Broads and used the slipway at Bureside Holidaypark. It is a good slipway and you can park your trailer safely. And the owners were very friendly. Also this location gives you a lot of freedom to choose which route to go.


Thanks for comments , I did launch at Swallowtail, Ludham, and you're right , a lovely spot , great people and a great slipway . £35 for launch and parking for the week, but a nice feeling and a safe place for the trailer . Also , as you say , a great location for the north broads.

The OGA guys say they used to sale from Bureside, I should have checked it out as I passed. They say The Lion at Thurne is a good pub too.

I wasn't over impressed with the trailer parking at Sutton Staithe Boatyard, felt a bit like grass at the side of the main road, although the people were friendly. £6 each way , no parking fee,

There was a good slip at Wayford , but only passed by , don't have any info.

Barton Turf Adventure Centre itself, was a good base for the OGA, and good value but slipways not suitable for a Winkle Brig. Cox's boatyard say "no cars on our slip" which I assume means they launch with their tractor, not sure on costs .

Many Thanks