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Dutch Winklebrig for sale

Started by Rick, June 25, 2019, 09:25:29 AM

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From Thea Kuling-Fibbe

Hi! Boat a tiny house on the water with a mooring for a small boat. Looking for a small nice boat I found this one.

It is the 95 I think. Any idea if the price of 6900 euro is realistic?

I don't know anything about these type of boats, only that they are very quite! Kind regards from Holland.


This is winkle brig number 96 and not number 95,
Number 95 belongs to me and I believe mine was built in 1994 so I would guess 96 was built either later the same year or perhaps the following year.
Although, if anybody knows better?
Paul Butler


Hi Thea. Good luck with your Winkle Brig research. May I modestly suggest that 'The Winkle Brig Book' might be a good place to start!


Hello Thea,

WB is really a beautiful and very robust boat. Some of them have some difficulties with the bilge plates. Sometimes they do not lift up and down easily. You should have a look. I do not know any other typical WB problems.

The price seems to me a bit high. Naturally, it depends on the care status. If there is a lot of work to do I would not spend more than 5500 Euro. If the status is really fine (e.g. ready for sailing), I would not pay more than 6500.

If I remember correctly, Mathilda was offered already last year, firstly for almost 9000 Euro, later for about 8000. I was looking for a boat for myself at that time, but Mathilda was too expensive for me. I hope this Information is a bit helpful. Good luck for your negotiation.

Mathis (WB 69)


Hello Thea,

I have paid 9.000 € for my WB 120 including the trailer and some additional goodies. Starting renovation I had to state a lot of things to do, including some very expensive ones, at least it may have been cheaper to buy another boat, but the Winkle Brig is a very special one. As I see, comparing to other boats, app. 6000 Euro should be more than enough for a Winkle Brig in good state. Really.

Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!