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Water below cabin floor

Started by RollyDrifter, April 22, 2019, 10:09:15 PM

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Hello .

I have spent a happy day cleaning and investigating my Winkle Brig , after she's been standing for nearly two years . She's been on a trailer , listing slightly to port and forward , hoping water would run away from the tabernacle, although covered with polythene too ..

No big surprise, some water has got in , port cabin cushions are wet and the port side trinket lockers in the cabin seats hold water .  Bilge pump (although working) is dry , the intake hise is dry ... . So no water getting back there , even with bow raised .

There's definitely water under the cabin floor though , I can hear it as the floor moves under my weight .... I opened one of the small bunged holes (under the porta potti) and there's a 40mm (or so) hole in the foam, that fills with water ... (bow raised to aid draining to bilges at stern) . Empty that with a sponge and it refills very slowly ...

All seems a bit odd !! Seems like there's water trapped on top of the foam ?!?! Under the floor ...

Forward end of cabin floor is fine , just aft end ...

Not sure if this is a problem or not really ?!?!? Wouldn't like it to freeze though ...

Hoping someone might have come across this before .

Many Thanks


Hello Roly,
Only just seen your question, so it's a bit late to reply!
However, in case someone else has the problem next winter, I suggest you raise the bow further, so that the water drains to the stern where the bilge pump should be able to suck it out. It's worked for me in the past.


Many Thanks,
I did and you're right it did work , although wasn't quick, it took about 2 weeks to find its way through... all well in the end .