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Portholes, portlghts?

Started by Heligan, June 07, 2019, 11:19:54 PM

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Hello everybody
My name is Paul and I am the newish owner of Number 95, Heligan.
My question is about the portlights/ portholes.
I was cleaning around the brass suround on the porthole when I pressed lightly on the "glass"
And to my dismay, I pushed the Glass in. It was an oval piece of Perspex which was just glued in place with a bit of silicon sealant. Is this normal for Winklebrigs or is there some sort of fixing ring missing?
I have looked up a pair of new bronze portlights from Davey's and they seem to be priced around £500
Surely there is a method of fixing the window in a more secure way?
I look forward to reading your comments


They are just stuck in with a silicon adhesive. Marlie has had several cases of the perspex coming loose. A five minute job to put right. 


Hi Dave
Thanks for replying.
It just didn't seem that durable as a porthole to keep the weather and more out.
As I say, the portholes from Davey's are very expensive.
Oh well!
Food for thought


Hi Paul
I had v similar experience when cleaning the "glass" surface of one of my forward facing ports and -sure enough- a quick clean off of old sealant and replacement with new sorted the problem.
Glad you told me of replacement cost !  I shall be extra careful not to drop them onto a hard surface if I take them off again.
Have fun with your WB .. they're great :)


I recommend using Sikaflex 295 UV Marine Adhesive & Sealant.  It  will last longer than the perspex so it may be worth replacing the perspex - maybe something thicker- at the same time. Mine lasted about 20 years and as far as I know is still going strong.


Ah, thanks for that, Martin,
I went to a boat jumble in Littlehampton last weekend as I just happened to be visiting my daughters! And I managed to find a matching pair of round port lights for the princely sum of £65.
I had noticed that some Winkle brigs seem to have them on the front face of the cabin.
Am I right in assuming that this sealant would be good for fitting the new ones to the fibre glass?
I also bought a few other goodies as well but, that is another story.


Yes. It is what I would use - as long as you don't ever want to get them off!