Author Topic: A fantastic Easter weekend  (Read 1429 times)


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A fantastic Easter weekend
« on: April 23, 2019, 10:38:27 AM »
Hello all - hope you managed to enjoy the wonderful weather we had and get out on a boat!

Here are a few shots from our weekend here in sunny West Wales.

We had a couple of nights aboard on the Teifi river, sailed with friends in the estuary, and had a couple of trips out to sea. Not much wind, so we didn't get around Cardigan island this time, but it was superb being out nonetheless. The last high tide of the weekend was around midnight last night so we had one last try at an island circumnavigation under the stars ... again just a zephyr of a breeze so not many miles covered, but at least it was good to use the new nav lights and get familiar with the boat in the dark.

The staysail is new; a friend at the club just happened to have a tanbark one the right size which was lucky. I still have to put fairleads in to get the right sheeting angle but it's handy to have; even if only for a little bit of maneuvering power when coming to a mooring or beach under sail.

I learnt that it's important to pull the keels up when coming to and laying on a mooring ... they catch very easily, especially if there's a tide running and the boat swings around a bit.

Does anyone have drying out legs? Or something to keep the boat fairly level when spending the night on board on the sand? We had just enough water to float on the nights we were aboard, but I can imagine the heel being pretty uncomfortable on a flat beach (with 2 and a half people aboard, we can't all sleep on the leeward side!)


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Re: A fantastic Easter weekend
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 05:54:17 PM »
Hello Chris,
I have just seen your wonderful pictures and the beautiful text, thank you very much, it makes you look forward to the coming season.

Kind regards

Life is happy, life is sweet, on a gaff rigged boat of 16 feet!