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Water below cabin floor
« on: April 22, 2019, 10:09:15 PM »
Hello .

I have spent a happy day cleaning and investigating my Winkle Brig , after she’s been standing for nearly two years . She’s been on a trailer , listing slightly to port and forward , hoping water would run away from the tabernacle, although covered with polythene too ..

No big surprise, some water has got in , port cabin cushions are wet and the port side trinket lockers in the cabin seats hold water .  Bilge pump (although working) is dry , the intake hise is dry ... . So no water getting back there , even with bow raised .

There’s definitely water under the cabin floor though , I can hear it as the floor moves under my weight .... I opened one of the small bunged holes (under the porta potti) and there’s a 40mm (or so) hole in the foam, that fills with water ... (bow raised to aid draining to bilges at stern) . Empty that with a sponge and it refills very slowly ...

All seems a bit odd !! Seems like there’s water trapped on top of the foam ?!?! Under the floor ...

Forward end of cabin floor is fine , just aft end ...

Not sure if this is a problem or not really ?!?!? Wouldn’t like it to freeze though ...

Hoping someone might have come across this before .

Many Thanks