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Bulwark shape

Started by christanner, March 12, 2019, 10:42:05 AM

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Hello all. I'm considering changing my grp bulwarks to timber. Those of you who have taken yours off ... Are they straight timber that forms to the sheer line as they bolt on, or is there a sheer curve built in to the shape (which would require wider timber to start with before cutting).

I can't quite figure this out by eye, and would rather have some confirmation before I unbolt and measure, if possible!



I am pretty certain there is a sheer curve.  Good luck finding mahogany (or similar), if you are wanting to replicate the original wooden bulwarks.  How about skinning the grp with very thin marine ply (or buy some wood grained patterned fablon and attach to the grp!!)  I like being really helpful :)