Author Topic: Winklebrig 98 bought! - any advice on rig conversion to gaff and topsail rig?  (Read 4809 times)

David Bone

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Following Roger Parish's example, I had a hollow mast made up by Noble Masts, Bristol of Douglas Fir.
It is very well made, saved about 5 kg in weight and as Martin says, should be a lot stronger.
To further save weight topsides, I use an aluminium topmast.
Good luck, David Bone

Paul Thomas

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Tim,  I am still interested in doing the swap if you are. I am not available for the next week or so, but after that I will be fairly flexible. It's a long way to come, so I want to be sure that we have all the details agreed beforehand.

How are you getting on with the mast? I didn't know Roger still had the original, but yours may be repairable, especially if the only damage is at the foot.
I'm not sure what gaff jaws you have. Mine has a saddle, which I think is standard. If you sent me a pic it got lost in the junk mail. The saddle may not be the best setup for the high peak, but it has sufficient articulation to do the job.