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Trailer Suspension for sale

Started by dave_cawston, April 20, 2018, 05:23:40 PM

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After replacing my trailer suspension units last year as a precaution for our trip to Ireland, I want to give away the old suspension units (Avonride 1300kg) three wheels and 4 tyres, 2 x Avonride Supervan 6 ply rating 175R13, minimal tread wear,2004 vintage but no signs of deterioration and 2 x Hankook RA08 8 ply rating again 175R13, one on a rim, one unfitted, both unused and 2007 vintage.
The suspension units were working fine although the inside of the drums were corroded but cleaned up ok with emery cloth, not sure of their condition now.  Brake shoes recently replaced and bearings were fine, no overheating.  One good brake cable included.
Free to new home as long as they are used to transport a Winkle Brig.  You will need new mudguards if you are replacing 860kg units with 12 inch wheels.
New owner to collect or can possibly deliver if close to A1/A17/A47 Northumberland to Norfolk Broads. 


Hello Dave - are these still available by any chance?


Hi Rick, yes they are still available, just sitting in my garage taking up space.  I have PM'd my phone number to you.  David