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Would like to see a Winkle on my way to Scotland

Started by christanner, July 11, 2018, 11:07:16 AM

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I'm keen to buy a Winkle Brig, but yet to cross paths with someone that I can meet up with to get a feel for the boat 'in the flesh'. Later this month I'm driving from Cardigan in Wales to Peebles in Scotland, and would love to stop by anyone that has a Winkle Brig that my wife and I can have a look at. Either in the water on in their yard, it doesn't matter!
Thanks in advance
07718 991320


Thanks to the various forum members that have been in touch and offered me a sail or a peek at a WB up north. I ended up buying WB100 which is now happily sailing down here in West Wales, introducing my three year old crew to the wonderful world of boating! She loves it. Sailing down to the Jolly Sailor from Lawrenny and then sleeping aboard on the estuary last night was a great adventure.


Welldone Chris, hope you recd the 2 parcels..Rgds. Phil