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Back winch

Started by christanner, September 08, 2018, 08:55:06 PM

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Over the last week I've had great success with a new back winch added to my Indespension Roller Coaster 3 trailer. I added it to make it easier to self launch, especially on shallow slipways. With a 1200lb winch working on a 2:1 set of pulleys, 8mm dyneema and some galvanised/SS parts from eBay and now I can pull her off backwards to tipping point without trouble. The dyneema is fixed to the axle at the middle, runs fwd to a pulley on a detachable strop connected to the bow eye, back to a pulley on the axle, and then fwd to the winch hook.

On a shallow slip like we have here in Cardigan (as per photos) I found it better to unhitch the trailer (with wheel chocks on) and let the front rise a couple of feet both when launching and recovering. I tie the trailer to the car anyway just in case.

I launched at Lawrenny on the Cleddau this weekend which is a much steeper slip and found that I could manage fine with the trailer still hitched to the car. There's a fair bit of upward pull on the tow hook but it all feels perfectly safe.

Now I'm ready for single handed trips :)


Mmmm ...  am doing something similar on mine but using the original trailer winch which could save others getting an extra winch.
I found a forward facing bracket in the middle of the axle with a rotating metal pin.  I tried taking the hook and webbing from the winch round the pin and back to the bow eye. That's been working for around four years now.

Problems found and solved to one degree or another :
1.  I had to find where to stop just before the balance point  else the boat's off with no restraint which is not  good on shallow incline as the stern can hit  the slipway under water before floating.  Solution - Stop just before balance point. Retrieve webbing and hook. spool in webbing and attach hook to bow eye with a small amount of slack. Lift bowsprit till boat rolls back a few inches and "hangs" on webbing(make sure the winch is locked !) . Control the decent of boat with winch break or winding handle. Sounds a hassle but is not too bad with practice.
2.  The webbing is inclined to wander slightly on the pin and sometimes folds a bit of the edge . This will produce wear over time but there's nothing significant after four years 30+ launches a year and is easy to watch.
3.  The hook marks the boat when pulling backwards. Solution - my hankie.
4.  I need to put wellies on when operating winch. Solution - put wellies on :).

Problem not solved :  Short boat on roller coaster trailer .. mostly will need to sink hubs. I know the bearings are sealed but I suspect the breaks will complain eventually especially in salt water.
I'm getting this vague recollection I've seen a video that addresses this. Praps I should have looked for that first  ::)