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Long Wood

Started by Ken, April 05, 2018, 10:11:57 AM

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A short bit from a long story goes :
I can't find anyone who can provide 5.05m of hardwood strip to replace my rubbing strakes. I've spent ages failing to persuade any woodyard to produce either two strips at 33x16mm section or one about 33x38mm for me to split. The originals are complete so I'm trying to avoid a scarf. I've been pretty open about which wood  .... "iroko or similar"  .. but still no joy.  :(

Ideas welcome   


I had the same problem Ken a few years ago and ended up with a scarf. This is not the end of the world, as I found the bending on of the timber quite a struggle (without steaming), and doing it in two halves made the operation a bit more manageable. The scarfs haven't opened up after several years of sailing.
Good luck!


Thanks for info. Martin ...  maybe I'll make them a bit thinner for bending as they hardly get "used" as rubbing strakes so they're mostly cosmetic cover for hull to lid join.

A couple more "bits" out of the long story:  While searching "5.1m hardwood" I eventually rooted out 5.1m Balau decking fascia form Goole. Standard shipping cost made it a bit pricey for one item but I bit the bullet and ordered.  When it turned up it was in two pieces  >:( . Supplier agreed to exchange then said it's no longer stocked so will collect and refund(yet to happen).

Spurred on by getting so close I decide to spend one more day scouring "decking" as no wood yard  would supply 5.1m.  Eventually I hit the jackpot  ;D. Chiltern Timber could do me .... And they have it in stock ... I checked with a real person who looked  :) .  So guess what little detour I'm making on the way back from Oxford in a couple of weeks.