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The Winklebrig Book

Started by Martin, February 05, 2018, 08:38:42 AM

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I am currently thinking of updating and revising 'The Winklebrig Book' and would like to add a bigger section  on cruising grounds. I will be giving some information on my knowledge of the UK's south east coast (Ipswich-Southwold), the Norfolk Borads, and the festivals at Venice, Morbihan, Brest and Douarnanez, but it would be really good to include some of your favourite haunts. As well as the sailing attractions, I will be incorporating things like where to launch, where to park, where to anchor, good pubs and anything else of peripheral interest (eg places to visit nearby).

If any of you would like to make a contribution to the book, if you post your pieces in the sailing section of the website I will pick them up there. I would love to hear about  David Cawston's visits to Ireland and his canal voyages. It would be great to hear from our Dutch friends about sailing in Holland. The UK's south coast and Scotland would also be fascinating.

Look forward to reading your postings if you are interested.

Barend Nieuwendijk

Hi Martin,
great idea!
I will post about our sailing experiences in Holland.
Also we went to the Broads with our WB 122 in 2016 an had an very nice trip!


That's great Barend. Many thanks.
How about the rest of you ?!