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Mast security

Started by andrewg149, May 14, 2017, 08:16:32 PM

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As a newbie brig owner I have  manages to rig up ok but have seen the posts about using a short chain to stop the mast falling back. I,m using the ' David Cawston method' of a running forestay but did have an issue after raising and lowering half a dozen times ( my error I'm afraid) and and would like the security of a fail safe on the mast.

I had thought of a removable shear stop on the foredeck but if someone knows a better method, any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi Andrew and welcome!

This is a personal opinion, but I wouldn't attach anything to the tabernacle to hold the mast up, as it really isn't designed for it - unless you have one of the one piece stainless steel ones I have seen somewhere on this site.
My solution for   'belt and braces'  is to fit an inner forestay. The details are in my book - advertised on the home page - or alternatively you can look back at the posts on this site.


Hi, Martin,
Thanks for the prompt response.    I have your book( which is excellent by the way) and the stay sail is definitely on the   to do list.  I have the wooden tabernacle so wasn't going to risk any more load on it - what I was thinking of was a removable wooden stop fixed to the foredeck to prevent  the base of the mast kicking forwards - fixed like the cleat for the removable bowsprit.

That way I could add a stiffening batten to the underside of the foredeck to help taking the strut load from the shear stop back into the stem, rather than just using the foredeck itself.

It seems to make  sense but I could be fooling myself, so if any of the more experienced members can see an obvious flaw, please let me know.


Thanks Andrew.
Sorry I misunderstood. Sounds like a good idea. Post some pictures if you go ahead.