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Temps Fete Douananez 2016

Started by Martin, July 28, 2016, 08:19:15 PM

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Have just returned from a wonderful week's sailing and festivities in Brittany.

A huge fleet of mainly traditional boats sail down the coast from the Brest festival to Douarnanez where there is another week of festivities. I have previously attended the Brest Festival which is a bit big and impersonal for my liking, but Douarnanez is lovely. It provides a dockside setting for the festivities and the huge bay is ideal for reasonably sheltered open sea sailing. It is extremely well organised, huge fun and highly recommended to Winklebriggers.

I took the car ferry to St Malo and towed Winkle the 4 hours to Douarnanez which is  a wonderful old Sardine fishing community (albeit with a chequered past and the scars to prove it), which really goes to town to welcome over 1000 skippers and crews mainly from France and Britain.

Here are three links which give a flavour of the affair (the last one is the fleet's trip from Brest to Douarnanez which I did not participate in due to shortage of time but which would be a terrific sail one year).

For anyone interested, the Brest festival is every four years and the Douarnanez one is every two years.