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2(U)B or not 2(U)B ?

Started by Ken, April 29, 2015, 09:37:52 AM

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A quick search of the forum didn't point me to any "HB"s.
This boat is labeled in adverts as a Winkle Brig. Can anyone educate me as to the "H" ?
Nice wooden blocks whatever it is :)

Paul Thomas

Our 'Winkle Brigs' are named for a style of East coast open fishing boat which they resemble.  You sometimes see this type of boat advertised for sale, as in this case.  I can't help with the sail number though.


This is photographed at Benfleet on the Thames estuary. I know the boat well. In  fact I might be the old grey haired geezer in the third photograph. There is a class of Winkle Brig on Mersea Island which is very similar. Basically a fisherman's boat. This one is fibreglass and cutter rigged but I do believe the traditional Winkle Briggs were sloops. This boat was sold on by a friend of mine some years ago.


Thanks to Paul and Gwilym for extending my Winklebrigian education  :)

Paul, do you know of any websites that show the " style of East coast open fishing boat " you mentioned ?

Gwilym: I'm off to look for Mersea Island Winkle Brigs .. suggestions welcome.

Both + anyone else : Do we know if Winkle Brigs of yore had anything to do with winkles ?

Me: Were you sober when you titled this "2(U)B or not 2(U)B ?"  ?