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Started by Douglas Paterson, June 24, 2015, 03:51:03 PM

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Douglas Paterson

My WB which I am prepairing for sale is currently on a Snipe bunked trailer which I want to replace before sale. I had assumed that the bunked format was the only one which would accomodate the drop bilge keels. Posts on here would seem to imply that a roller (roller coaster) type trailer is the norm?? Can anyone please advise me on this because the bunked trailer has been hard on brakes and bearings because of the submersion.
Any advice much appreciated as I would wish to give the new owner the best option.


Hi Douglas. The standard Rollercoaster is modified for the Winklebrig to allow for the keels, both at the bow end and the rear swing beam roller assembly, so my advice is not to buy one before selling, as you could spend several thousand pounds on the Indespension Roller Coaster (which are not easy to find second hand)  and then have all the cost and hassle of doing the modifications. Additionally the new owner may not have plans to trail any great distances and your bunked trailer may suit him/her fine.
Good luck!