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Winklebrig Trailer Width.

Started by venturerdave, February 09, 2016, 01:24:04 PM

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As a new forum member please be patient with me as I am sure I will have many questions.
My first one is 'what is the maximum width when the boat is on its trailer'? I have a very limited width available to allow storage of a Winklebrig at home (I don't own one yet) and am wondering what the maximum width is when on the standard trailer. I am also guessing that the total length inc tow hitch would be about 20 to 21 feet. Perhaps someone could confirm this also.
Many thanks


The OA width of my rollercoaster trailer is 7ft, the OA length from hitch to the transom stern of the boat is 22ft 4ins.This could be adjusted, depending how far you wanted the boat onto the trailer and increasing the nose weight. WB100.

Paul Thomas

My measurements are the same as Phil's.  I will say that my mast overhangs in addition by nearly 2 feet at the back, so 24 feet would be the absolute minimum required.  It would be possible to shift the mast forward of course to overhang at the front. 


I didn't include the mast in my measurements, mine is stowed on brackets inside the garage., along with the boom, gaff and bowsprit.