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West Coast 16

Started by Andy Wiltshire, October 19, 2014, 09:15:31 AM

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Andy Wiltshire


We have recently bought a West Coast 16, number 5 of 6, "Ratty", built in 1983.

I understand that following the building of these 6, the hull moulds were then used to build the Winkle Brigs.

I would be interested to contact the owners of the other 5 (hopefully the are all still around).

Although the "Ratty" is in reasonable condition we are starting a winter refurb consisting of a repaint and all of the woodwork being tidied up (and no doubt lots of other jobs!).

We believe that "Ratty" has spent all of it's life in the Poole area with it's two previous owners. We are in Devon and will be trailering it around.

Any info would be appreciated.

Andy and Helen Wiltshire.


I cannot help with any info but will just say a lovely looking little boat which certainly has similarities with the Winkle Brig. Do you have a picture of her hull out of water?

Andy Wiltshire

It was the Swallows and Amazons appearance that appealed to us.

I've attached a couple of pics taken whilst I was jet washing off the loose, copper coated hull.

And yes, I will be modifying the trailer.

Andy Wiltshire

Oops, the first didn't attach!


The hull shape certainly looks the same and its interesting that the cabin is similar to a Memory which although not designed by Eric Berquist I understand some were built by him. I got this information from the Old Gaffers mag.


Yes the hull shape looks identical.  Does the West Coast 16 have a centre plate? I ask because looking at the hull of Markie (WB15) there is evidence that the hull moulds were taken off a hull with a blanked off centre plate opening. Look at the underside of the keel of a WB where you would expect a centre board to be.

Andy Wiltshire

The West Coast has a single centre board. In a couple of months we will be lifting the stern off the trailer and I will try and show a picture with the centre board lowered. We want to check the pivot pin and it's seating.

Out of interest do you have a picture showing the arrangement of a WB?


Hi Andy
I notice that "Ratty" is pictured in the Gallery as WB5 "Puffin" and in the Owners List as being sailed in Ireland by Sheena Jolley so maybe there's a bit of unravelling of site info as well as "unravelling" the boat.

Hopefully Ratty's been for a swim since you last posted ?