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Is it a Winkle Brig???

Started by Rick, August 26, 2014, 03:49:22 PM

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Paul Thomas

It looks like one, and is called one in the ad, so I reckon so.  Have you seen the one with a steam engine and funnel?

Mike Seller

This boat is a winklebrig hull and has been on the Thames near my mooring at Cookham. I keep my boat at Woottens and the yard have three more hulls of which two have been fitted out as river launches. The bare hull is tucked away at the back of the yard sheltering all kinds of wildlife!



I think I may be the owner of the boat mentioned above, I can't be sure as the link no longer works but we bought her shortly after the original post, found her through the Boats and Outboards website, and bought her from the owner at a boatyard in that area so it's quite likely the same one.
Ours is called Willard and is kept at our house on the Thames at Chertsey. She has a Dolphin II 12hp inboard engine and is a great little boat, reliable and very economical and easily seats up to 8 adults. I'm building a bigger boat and we bought her when we moved here to give us something to use until that one is finished. She's a pretty little thing and I've lost count of the offers I've had to buy her, usually when we've just pulled up at a riverside pub on a sunny afternoon!
She's currently undergoing a bit of restoration work at the bottom of my garden, much of the original seat framing having rotted away and needing replacement, something I was aware of when we bought her but I knew I could easily do myself.
She'll be back on the river in a few weeks, I can post some photos if anyone's interested?


I like pics  :) ..
  .. so post away.