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TRail Sail Easter Cruise 2015

Started by dave_cawston, March 29, 2015, 05:16:08 PM

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Hi Everyone,

The sailing season for Markie starts next weekend when we trail from Northumberland down to the Norfolk Broads to join up with the Trail Sail Association Easter Cruise and seeing the fleet assemble on Good Friday afternoon at West Somerton. We will then walk the short distance to The Lion for some excellent pub grub followed by the traditional TSA Easter Quiz.

If you can make it to West Somerton, with or without a boat, you will be most welcome to join us in the Lion, please just post to this topic how many people, if any, will be coming and if you will be eating in the Lion so I can give numbers to the landlord.

If anyone would like to come with a boat but needs information/advice on launch sites etc., add to this topic and I can add options.

Or if someone will be without a boat but would like to join us on Markie for a sail over the weekend, again just add to this post.

Dave, Cate & Darcey
Winkle Brig Markie

Paul Thomas

Hi, Sorry only just read this post.  I have been trying to get in touch with the TSA, but the website has been down for ages.  Would love to join in the fun and be kept in touch about events.  Paul WB48.


Hi Paul,

Got your PM but think it would be useful for all to know.  The TSA has been in terminal decline over the last few years.  Gone are the days of an Easter cruise with 20 boats (up to 5 WBs) as the members are getting older, fewer younger members joining and Easter seems to be getting colder year on year.  With only 4 boats attending this year, the general opinion of those present was that a Broads cruise later in the year with hopefully warmer/better weather was probably the way to go for next year.  As far as the TSA is concerned, there is now no membership fee, no website, no newsletter but there is a google group with the occasional flurry of posts but effectively the TSA appears to be mothballed/hibernating/changing in to a small group of like minded sailors meeting up for the occasional informal cruise.  Where the TSA will be next year I do not know, a great shame as we have had some fabulous times over the past 28 years of owning Markie.