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Winklebrig weight

Started by Andy Wiltshire, November 25, 2014, 02:24:18 PM

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Andy Wiltshire

We need to make a decision regarding our current non braked trailer. It's clearly not quite suitable, or legal.

The choices are to buy a new or used compatible trailer, or to change the current trailer to braked spec.

Have any members here weighed their Winklebrigs?

We would prefer to tow "Ratty" without removing the outboard and loading the car up too much.



Hi Andy,

Markie tipped the weighbridge at 1100kg.  And is probably a bit more now with the breakback and suspension mods to the trailer.  My original rollercoaster trailer came with 850kg suspension units and 155/12 tyres.  But after a blowout at 60mph I decided to upgrade to 1300kg units and 6 ply 175/13 tyres running at 45psi and what a difference it makes, it feels so safe at speed.  If you upgrade your existing trailer you will have to get a new chassis plate for the trailer showing the new weight limits etc., just in case you get pulled over for an inspection.

David Bone

Concerned that my RC3 (1,100kg) trailer might be overloaded, 3 weeks ago I ran it over a public weigh bridge with W107 and all equipment onboard.
Total towing weight came in over 1,300kg, though my rig will probably be a little heavier than most:
Breakback addition to trailer 40kg, Additional lead ballast 83kg & heavy battery 21kg.
Subsequently I have purchased a 1,500kg axle beam from Indespension, which is a direct fit on the RC3, with the only exception being hubs extending
a further 15mm each side.
Existing coupling, winch, rollers, wheels and tyres (steel belted 175R13C) etc all appear compatible with this capacity.
I did enquire about part exchanging the RC3 for a 1,500kg RC7 but probably due to age, this was uneconomic.

Andy Wiltshire

Hello Dave and David.

Thanks for your replies. They were very helpful.

I think that 1500kg rated units are the way to go.

Apologies for the delay in replying to both of you. Sorting the trailer and refurbishing "Ratty" had been planned for this winter. However, over the last month a serious health issue in the immediate family has raised it's ugly head and has now put that time scale very much in doubt. Not to worry. I will visit the forum as the situation allows and thanks again for the replies.


Paul Thomas

Weighing in a bit late on this one.  According to previous owner, Partan and trailer complete weigh around 1100kg.  Trailer has been uprated to 1300kg and car can tow in excess of this, so plenty of margin for safety.  Tows beautifully without any drama at all.  You certainly don't want an unbraked trailer.  I believe nose weight is an important factor, therefore weight distribution within the boat.  Thus, heavy things I keep in the bow for sailing, go in the cockpit for towing.


How exactly do you up rate a trailer? I too am concerned about trailer weight. I'm not worried about what weight my tow car can handle, as I know it can safely tow up to 3500Kg with a braked trailer.

Paul Thomas

Clint, there is loads of information about this on the internet, western towing have a good site.   But it depends mostly on the suspension units fitted to your trailer.  The rating should be stated on the chassis plate near the towing hitch.  These units can be replaced with upgraded ones to provide a better ride.  If this is done you should make sure the chassis plate is modified accordingly, which I suppose means it is better to have it done by a garage, although it would be a relatively easy DIY job (with the usual caveats).  You can get your trailer weighed at a public weighbridge, but you may also find one at a quarry or local aggregates dealer.