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Wanting to repair a Mercury 4hp 2 stroke

Started by rsksalisbury, April 07, 2015, 09:33:05 PM

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After an accident with my much loved Mercury 4 hp 2 stroke the parts needed to repair the shaft would cost far more than the motor is worth. The power head is perfectly good. Does anyone know of a motor with a serviceable shaft but perhaps a worn out engine that could be combined with what I have to make a good unit? A new engine means a 4 stroke that doesn't fit well in the dayboat!
Richard Salisbury

Paul Thomas

Hello Richard, only just read this post.  I might be wrong but is the 4hp Mercury the same engine as the Mariner and Yamaha.  There are often Mariner engines on ebay, often dismantled too, and lots of old Yamaha engines.  If so you should be able t get hold of a knackered one.  It seems likely that the shaft would outlive the powerhead.  The spare parts seem to be extortionate considering that this is one of the most mass produced engines of all time and is widely used all over the world.  Paul

Mike Seller

Hi Paul - I think you could be right. The Mariner was a trade name for Mercury engines sold outside the USA?!

If correct a guy at my mooring (Cookham on the River Thames) has a 4hp Mariner 2 for sale at   around £200/£300.

Paul Thomas

I think the Tohatsu is the same engine as well.  Some of the Yamahas look identical, some seem to have some differences.  These are quite simple robust engines, what seems to be stopping them from keeping going is the price of spare parts.  I have the Mariner 4 that came with WB48 and it is in very good condition, but I also have an old Seagull for which I can obtain any parts easily and cheaply.  The Seagull is even more solid and robust and will probably  run for another 50 years.


Paul and Mike,
Thanks for the tips. I'll widen my search to mariner and tohatsu. You are right about the extortionate price of spare parts.