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Spares and servicing for Mariner 4

Started by Paul Thomas, May 20, 2014, 11:55:32 AM

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Paul Thomas

From the forum it would seem that many owners have replaced the original engine.  Partan still has her original Mariner 4 (2 stroke) which is in very good condition, however, I would like to service the carburettor by replacing the gaskets.  The best quote I have obtained was £85!!! for a few flimsy bits of paper.  Given that this is one of the most mass produced engines of its type in the world I can't help thinking there should be a better deal than that somewhere.  I was bracing myself to pay a fiver for them.  Does anyone know who can supply these for a sensible price?  I will make them if I have to, but they are a bit fiddly.


I had a quick look around the web and ebay - and it seems to be almost cheaper to buy a new engine! Ridiculous. If anyone finds a good source of engine spares - let us all know!

Mike Seller

I also did a quick search on the web - you can buy the gaskets from America for a dollar or two but the shipping costs are horrendous.
Having played around with old classic cars over the years I would go for the DIY solution. Providing the existing gaskets are not torn or surfaces uneven from sticking to the metal surfaces of the carb when removing they can be used again - when replacing the gasket should be smeared with grease on both sides or use a gasket joint paste from Halfords - avoiding those that literally glue the parts together. If the gaskets cannot be reused either fork out for gasket paper from motor dealers or go for good old thick brown wrapping paper and seal the joint as above.

Why is everything associated with boating so expensive! 

Paul Thomas

Thanks for the prompt responses, I think I may try the US option while I tap away making replacements by hand.  A word of caution about using gasket compound on carburettors though; even the tiniest fragment of Hylomar detaching itself in the float chamber or elsewhere could block a jet and cause the engine to stop and not start again till stripped down and cleaned.  I would stick to gaskets lightly smeared with grease, which is why I want new ones which can still be compressed to make a good seal.  If you have defects big enough to require a gap filling compound then your carb is probably junk anyway. 

It would be interesting to find out if the same carb is used on any other engines like lawn mowers or generators, which might provide an alternative source of parts.  The Lister/Petter diesel in my mate's boat is the same as used on truck refrigeration units and you can order parts direct from the manufacturer.  By the way, a full engine service for a new Beta diesel in a  40 footer cost less than the quoted £85.