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Old Winkle Brig site now closed

Started by Julian Swindell, April 22, 2014, 09:53:15 PM

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Julian Swindell

Dear All
Thanks to Rick's hard work, the new Winkle Brig site is now fully functioning, which is an amazing achievement. I have replaced the home and forum pages on the old site with direct links to this new site. The old site will disappear altogether in August when the web domain expires.

All the best for Winkle Briggers in the future. I look forward to seeing Winkle at the English Raid in Falmouth in September. I haven't been on a WB for nearly five years now.

Here's to a sunny summer on the water


Barend Nieuwendijk

Thanks Julian for all those years keeping the winklebrig-site running. I have had many hours joy of it.


Dear Julian,
As a newish winkle brigand of a mere two years, I have much enjoyed the site and admire your dedication in keeping it going despite having abandoned ship, as it were. Thank you so much.
Regards,  Jim