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Sleeping on board?

Started by Old Forum, April 13, 2014, 07:44:38 AM

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Old Forum

Paul Thomas
Username: Paul_thomas

Registered: 01-2011
Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 - 12:40 pm:      
Hi Mike, I am keen to visit the Salcombe estuary. Would you mind sharing details of where you launched and then parked your car and trailer with approx cost. Kingsbridge looks best bet.

Old Forum

Username: Mike_seller

Registered: 06-2012
Posted on Wednesday, February 05, 2014 - 11:16 am:      
Hi Paul,
I chose Salcombe as Kingsbridge is only accessible 2.5 hrs either side of high water. I did however sail up to Kingsbridge for lunch.
The Salcombe slipway is at Batson Creek with boat/vehicle cark park and a secure trailer compound. The area has night security. Car park charges are high and unless you pay up front you have to keep returning to feed the meter. Free parking on the roads away from the centre. My visit was for 4 days and the harbour dues,car park and trailer storage came to £63. The Harbour Master did not charge me extra for mooring - one night on the hook and two nights on a visitors buoy at the top end of Southpool Creek. Water taxi available to take you ashore. At the top of this creek is the village of Southpool with a great pub to visit - watch the tide. Salcombe town is expensive to eat but the YC is good value plus showers. More info on or the LA's website dues
The boatpark attendant is really helpful. Avoid the main holiday season as it gets very busy. On entering the town don't miss the sign to the boatpark - you will end up in narrow one way streets. WB97 Bumble Bee is on her residents mooring at the start of Batson Creek.
A lovely estuary and away from the hub a quiet backwater.

Paul Thomas

As a further answer to the original question, we have just completed an 11 day cruise on Partan.  2 adults and 1 child slept on board every night, and we're still talking.  The availability of showers and cooked meals on the Broads certainly made life easier.  The boom tent that came with the boat has sadly worn out so we made do with a £3.99 tarp from Proper Job and some bungees.  If any one knows how to weld/glue cheap plastic tarps I reckon I could make a new fitted tent for about a fiver.


7 consecutive nights this summer about 10 last year . All on lough Derg  in Ireland and the Shannon . Very comfy for myself and wife and even had our grandson with us a couple of times. But has anyone sorted a double berth?

Mike Seller

Firstly Gwilym congratulations on winning the PBO Miles to Maldon trophy as seen in the latest issue of Practical Boat Owner. Good to see a photograph of you and Eva aboard "Constance." Such a pity that Peter Poland did not mention a winklebrig in his article on small second hand cruisers last month.

Like you I have spent some very comfortable nights aboard this summer thanks to the double berth in the forepeak and keeping things very tidy and stowed away down below! The original information for this boat describes this as a one and a half person berth however I have found it roomy enough for two - the only problem is getting in and out of this space when two wish to share. I take it "Constance" came with the ply wood sheet support that fits between the two bilge board casings and the spare cushion which sits on top converting the space into a wider/longer bunk. If so and still not adequate then I suppose with a little thought and DIY a larger ply sheet could be inserted.


Mike. (No: 95)


This is encouraging. I will try out next time we are on board. I do have the extra sheet of ply. We tend to, immediately we are on board fill the peak up with all our luggage. Which to be honest make the boat look very untidy and has prevented us giving the forward berth a proper chance. As you know, if you have seen the article in PBO, that we trailed back from Lough Derg and the Shannon a fantastic cruising area for Winkle brigs.....perhaps I should write it up on the forum.

Thanks .  Gum

Paul Thomas

Hi Gwilym,

I would be very interested in any info you can provide about Lough Derg.  Having recently read an article by Colin Henwood in Watercraft, it sounds a perfect destination for a WB.


Sorry I missed this reply to my original note.

Lough Derg is a great place to sail. Free or very cheap marinas and harbours. Lots to do and see especially if you have a base and use a car. Its part of the River Shannon navigable waterway so you can go as far as you like. Stunning countryside all round the Lough. Great live trad music sessions in lots of places. Take your fiddle or whatever you will be welcome to join in or sing a song. We had a great night with a crowns of Irish motorboat's in a pub in Terryglass. Started about 11.00pm and went on into the early hours.

Good facilities in many places provided by Irish Waterways and accessed by keycard. Toilets are free but you pay for showers and clothes washing facilities. All the boaters, mostly motorboats, are very friendly. If you are into trout or Pike fishing there is quite a bit of that.